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5 Myths about Second-Hand Stores

  • by: Verney - Sustaintable Shoes
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Buying second-hand is undoubtedly a sustainable alternative and a practice that is receiving more and more followers. However, there is still a lot of misinformation and myths concerning the buying of second-hand clothes that make people reticent.


To put an end once and for all to doubts and questions, let's demystify some myths that are associated with second-hand stores.


Myth 1- 'It's not hygienic'

This is still the biggest concern for the population, because they believe that buying in second-hand stores is not a hygienic practice.


But what if we told you that new clothes are 'dirtier' than second-hand clothes? That's right, new clothes contain very high levels of chemicals making them less hygienic than second-hand clothes.


In addition, second-hand stores usually sanitize the products before they are put on sale.

So don't worry, second-hand clothes are perfectly hygienic! 


Myth 2 - 'The products have no warranty'

As we know and are used to, new products have a mandatory warranty, this means that if the purchase goes wrong the consumer can get his money back.


But is the same true for second-hand products? The answer is yes!


Second-hand stores are aware of this reality and of this right that the consumer has, so these stores also begin to offer a warranty on their products after purchase.


In this sense, new or second-hand products, you can rest assured that they are covered by warranty.


Myth 3- 'The items are old fashioned'

Second-hand stores are often associated with collections that are old and no longer fashionable. However, this question is quite debatable.


Anyone who has ever entered and searched in a second-hand store knows that you can find a little bit of everything, from old products to recent and trendy products.


What's more, fashion is cyclical, which means that what is in fashion today was once in fashion in the past. In this sense you can also find pieces that are old but trendy. Add to this, vintage style is very much in demand in the fashion world, so second-hand stores are the ideal places to build that style!


Myth 4- 'Second-hand stores are for people with less resources'

One thing is certain, buying second-hand clothes is cheaper than buying new ones.


But we can't associate second-hand stores to people with low financial resources, since there are different profiles of people who look for this type of stores.


Nowadays, people who buy second-hand clothes are people who want to save money, who look for unique and vintage pieces, or people who are environmentally concerned and want to reduce waste.


Myth 5 - 'The products have no quality'

You are wrong if you think that the products sold in second-hand stores have no quality!


If you are afraid of finding rotten clothes or old shoes, we can assure you that this is not the reality of second-hand stores.


Most stores have a list of criteria for the acceptance of products, this means that products will only be put on sale if the product meets these criteria. In addition, the products usually go through an inspection process, and only those that are in good condition are accepted.


We leave you with the question: were you reluctant to buy from second-hand stores because of any of these myths?

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