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7 Books about Sustainability that you Should Read

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With the development of technology and the rush of everyday life, books and the practice of reading have fallen a little into disuse.


After a long day at work and the rush of housework, at the end of the day it is much more practical to relax on the couch watching TV or some series, right? Watching something requires a lot less mental effort compared to reading, so reading a book is not something that everyone does anymore.


But did you know that reading has many benefits? Among the many benefits, we can name a few: it stimulates reasoning and concentration, develops critical thinking, stimulates creativity and imagination, helps stimulate memory, and improves vocabulary and the ability to interpret texts.


Basically, reading a book allows us to work our brain and stimulate different areas of it. That is why reading is encouraged from the time we are children.


We challenge you to start having a book on your bedside table and read a little before going to bed.


To help you choose a book, here is a list of books about sustainability and sustainable fashion, so you can also learn a little more about these topics!


  1. The uninhabitable earth -David Wallace-Wells

This book about sustainability is written by an award-winning journalist who over the years has been collecting real stories about climate change.


In this book he reveals the reality of what may happen to the world in the coming years and shows how the planet as we know it today may disappear and even become uninhabitable if we as human beings do not change our lifestyles.

A book not to be missed!


  1. A life on our planet - David Attenborough

Another book about sustainability that we propose is written by the naturalist David Attenborough, who throughout his life has always given voice to issues related to environmental protection and sustainability.

In this book, David Attenborough gives his opinion on how humanity has put the Planet and biodiversity at risk. According to the naturalist, biodiversity is the essential key for life on Earth to thrive and become safer.


The good news is that David Attenborough believes that we are still in time to correct our mistakes, so in this book you will also see his opinion on the solution to this major problem that humanity is facing.


  1. The climate book - Greta Thunberg

You have certainly heard of Greta Thunberg, the young activist who has moved the world, right? So, get to know her latest book, which is already considered by many to be the manual for saving the world.


Greta has done an interesting job in bringing together about 100 experts from different fields, from mathematics to meteorology, to write this book about climate change.


In this book you can learn how the climate works, how our planet has changed and how this affects us, and what we should do now to change the future.


Definitely another book about sustainability that you can't miss!


  1. On Fire: The Burning Case for a Green New Deal - Naomi Klein

Journalist and activist Naomi Klein has over the decades followed the evolution of the environmental crisis and the consequences of the choices we have made.


In this book about sustainability and climate change, Naomi Klein emphasizes the urgency of stopping these problems, while addressing different consequences that have arisen due to climate change. The author goes even further, believing that ecological collapses are interconnected with the social collapses that society has been showing.


  1. A Practical Guide to Sustainable Fashion - Alison Gwilt

Speaking now of sustainable fashion, if you like fashion and innovation this is the book for you.

This book about sustainability and sustainable fashion is actually the perfect guide that shows how to practically apply sustainable strategies in fashion.


The author tries to show how designers and brands can make a difference in the creation process, such as the choice of materials or the techniques used, to reduce the social and environmental impacts of the fashion industry. 


  1. Fashion & Sustainability - Lynda Grose e Kate Fletcher

Still on the topic of sustainable fashion, we present another book that addresses this issue.

In an era where we know that the fashion industry is a very polluting industry, the authors of this book show how sustainability applied to fashion can completely change the entire industry.

In this sense, throughout this book you can see how the impact of clothing can be reduced and how we can increase its durability.


  1. Fashionopolis The Price Of Fast Fashion And The Future Of Clothes de Dana Thomas

According to the author of this book, Dana Thomas, the fashion industry has negatively exploited different areas, from workers to the environment. In addition, due to fast fashion, globalization, and even technological development, more and more abuses are being made by this industry.

In this book about sustainable fashion, the author shows how several changes can be made in the fashion industry, taking advantage of the technology that surrounds us, such as the creation of materials in laboratories or even printing clothes in 3D printers.


An interesting book with real testimonies that you should consider!


We hope you decided to read it and we look forward to receiving your feedback on these books that approach themes such as sustainability and sustainable fashion!

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