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Our new Spring/Summer Collection

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Spring is finally here and with that it's time to welcome our spring/summer 2023 collection!

This year you can count on a diverse line of sneakers, but also flat sandals that will certainly please all tastes.


Between new models and some best-sellers, discover our magnificent spring/summer collection:


Vegan Sneakers

Our spring/summer collection includes 8 models of sneakers, from the sportiest to the most casual-chic models.


You will find some new additions, such as the Vaast model that is available in two versions: Vaast 001 and Vaast 003. This model has a sportier look, inspired by the sneakers of the 90s. Both sneakers are white, the exterior is made of apple, and the sole is made of recycled rubber with tennis balls. What sets them apart is the fact that the Vaast 001 model has some recycled cotton details on the outside, thus giving an even more distinctive look.


In the same wave of sneakers inspired by the 90s, you can also find the Valens model, also available in 2 versions: Valens 001 and Valens 002. Both sneakers are similar and made with the same materials, namely apple, but what differentiates them is the colour of the details, one of the models has silver details (Valens 001) while the other has gold details (Valens 002).


In addition to the novelties, in this spring/summer collection we wanted to bring back to life some models from past collections that were much appreciated by the public. In the case of sneakers, we brought back our best-seller Vanille Canna White. This white sneaker is a basic sneaker, made of hemp and cotton. The simplicity and comfort of this sneaker conquered many hearts, but also broke hearts when the model sold out, so for everyone's happiness, we have brought back this model!


Vegan Sandals

When it comes to sandals, this year we also decided to have 8 models of sandals available.

The two big new additions to the spring/summer collection are the Vigo model and the Vicken model. The Vigo model is available in two versions: Vigo 001 and Vigo 002. This sandal is characterized by being an open sandal, almost like a 'slipper', with a 'chunky' style. We have two colours available, in black (Vigo 001) and in white (Vigo 002) and both models are made of apple, with an ultralight EVA sole.


As for the Vicken model, the model is characterized by being a black sandal with a 'chunky' style, a much-loved and trending style. Unlike the Vigo model, the Vicken model is a closed sandal that has the advantage of being adjustable at the heel, so that you can adjust the sandal according to your taste. In terms of materials, this sandal is made of corn, with an ultralight EVA sole.


As we did for the sneakers, we also brought back some models of sandals. In this case, we kept the Violet model, a typical model that could not be missing in this collection. This model is available in several colours, namely: yellow, water green, pink, and of course in nude.  This model is made of hemp and is characterized for having a timeless design, which adapts and matches with different styles and outfits. We believe that this is precisely why this model is the favourite of many during the summer!


Most of our models from the spring/summer collection are available between sizes 36 and 41 (with some exceptions), with models starting at only 59.90€!


In addition to the models of the new collection, you can also find other models of sneakers or sandals from previous collections on the website and also the outlet store with out-of-stock models.

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