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How to Preserve your Shoes?

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Each pair of shoes lasts 5 years approximately. Obviously, depending on the type of material used and its quality, this number can increase or decrease.


However, there is another very important factor that affects the durability of shoes: care! That's right, the care we take with our shoes is a very important factor that only depends on us.


Do you take care of your shoes? With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, looking after your shoes is certainly the last of your problems. You probably find it easier to buy new ones when they're broken in, right? However, this is neither good for the environment nor for your wallet.


In this article, we want to teach you how to take care of and conserve your shoes so that they last longer, and you avoid having to constantly buy new ones. 


  1. Shoes with quality


First of all, you should start by buying shoes that have quality, because the more quality shoes have, the longer they can last. In this sense, avoid buying shoes whose material has low quality, since they will last a short time and consequently, you will be constantly buying new ones, spending even more compared to buying good quality shoes.


  1. Cleaning the shoes


To preserve your shoes, you should clean them as soon as you get home. The best way to clean them is not with water, contrary to what people think. You can splash a little water on the sole of the shoe if they are really dirty, but then you should wipe them with a damp cloth and alcohol gel. As we know, shoes are constantly in contact with the floor, a surface that has a lot of bacteria, so it is important to clean your shoes with alcohol gel, to kill these microorganisms.


  1. Storing the shoes


After a good hygienization of the shoes, they should not be immediately stored in the wardrobe. We recommend leaving them outside until the next day. This will allow on one hand the shoes to dry and on the other hand, they will allow them to 'breathe' and avoid fungi proliferation.

When you are storing, to preserve your shoes longer, follow these tips:

- Put crumpled paper inside the shoe, as it will allow the shoes to always keep their shape and moreover, if they are leather shoes, especially boots, it is important that they do not bend to prevent the leather from marking;


- Store the shoes in fabric bags, because plastic bags do not allow the shoes to breathe, unlike fabric bags;


- The best way to organize the shoes in the wardrobe is the side-by-side arrangement.


  1. Avoid sun exposure


When we walk in the street, obviously it is almost impossible to avoid sun exposure, however, at home you should avoid it as much as possible!

So, to preserve your shoes and above all preserve their colour, after cleaning them, don't put them in the sun. Exposure to the sun will dry, burn, and fade the material. Choose to place the shoes in the shade and let them dry naturally in the wind.


  1. Get rid of mould


After a long time on the closet, it is normal for shoes to have some mould. To get rid of mould at once, don't just wipe with a damp cloth. That will get the mould off superficially, but it will not kill the fungus. Therefore, we suggest you wipe with some apple cider vinegar or alcohol gel.


  1. Say no to the washing machine


Putting your shoes in the washing machine seems like a good solution, right? The truth is, it's not the ideal solution at all! If you want to preserve your shoes, we recommend you not to do it, because the excess of water can damage the colour and the material of the shoes.

You can follow our tips to properly clean your shoes, especially Verney shoes.


With these tips, you're ready to take care of and preserve your shoes and give them more years of life! So, let’s go and start right now!

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