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Tips for Following Sustainable Fashion

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We have previously discussed the topic of sustainable fashion and how important it should be adopted by all of us.


If we look at concrete data, every year about 654 kg of CO2 are emitted through the clothes worn and discarded by every European citizen. Obviously, as you can imagine, this has a very negative effect on the environment.


In this sense, there is an urgency for this tendency to change and for this, sustainable fashion is the ideal solution. As we know, sustainable fashion works towards minimizing environmental impacts and for this same reason each one of us should adopt sustainable fashion in our lives so that the future can be better.


How can we do this?

Changing our habits always seems like a big deal, right? However, if we slowly introduce new habits and small changes into our lives, in the end everything becomes simpler!

Sustainable fashion is easy to implement in our lives and in this article, we will show you just that.


Tips for adopting sustainable fashion:


  1. Reduce the number of clothes you own

To join sustainable fashion this is the first step you must take. To do this you can start by simply avoiding buying unnecessary clothes. Prefer to buy clothes with higher quality and that last longer and avoid falling into the temptation of buying an absurd amount of clothes because the prices are attractive.


Also, in this tip we recommend that you clean out your closet and put aside clothes that you no longer use or that are damaged. 

Finally, you can adhere to the capsule wardrobe trend in order to have a smarter and more functional closet.


  1. Check the certifications of your clothes/shoes

Another great way to embrace sustainable fashion is to start considering the environmental and social concerns of the brand. To do this, you can look on the labels or packaging to see if the brand has any certificates assigned.


There are several certificates, such as:

- Ecolabel

- Frairtrade

- OEKO-TEX Standard 100

- Global Organic Textile Standard



  1. Reuse and Customize

We are sure you have a lot of clothes lying around in your closet that you no longer use, so we suggest you take those clothes and give them another life.


You can follow the upcycling technique and create new things with clothes you no longer use, such as bags or hair ribbons. On the other hand, you can also customize the clothes you already own and give them a new look. Maybe you will even discover a special taste for sewing!


  1. Sell or donate your clothes

To follow sustainable fashion is also to pay attention to the end of life of your clothes. In this sense, when you have clothes or shoes that you no longer want, but are in good condition, you can always sell them.


Nowadays, there are several platforms where you can sell and buy second-hand things, allowing your clothes to have a new home. If you know of a second-hand store near you, we suggest you go there as this will also encourage local commerce.


On the other hand, we also suggest giving your clothes to someone you know needs them, or even to charity. We are sure you will be helping a family!


  1. Take care of your clothes and shoes

One of the goals of sustainable fashion is that clothes and shoes last longer. For that obviously quality is fundamental, but it also requires a lot of care on your part.


In this sense follow our tips on how to take care of your clothes and how to take care of your shoes. In addition, we suggest that you always follow the instructions on the laundry labels so that your clothes are taken care of in the best way.


  1. Put your end-of-life clothes in the right place

There always comes a time when clothing, shoes, or textiles in general reach the end of their life. When this moment comes and your items are no longer in good enough condition to sell or donate, the best and most sustainable solution of all is to place these items in specific containers for textile waste. When they are placed in these containers they will be recycled in the best way. An important note: never remove the laundry labels! As we mentioned in the previous article, the laundry label has valuable information about the composition of the product and when removed it can compromise the recycling cycle.


Being sustainable and starting to follow sustainable fashion is not that hard, is it? Now you have no excuses, embark on this adventure to a better future with these tips!

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